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Foods Worth Traveling Across The World Just To Eat

One of the main adventures, when you are travelling to a new place, is the fact that you get to enjoy different food. Food in many different places depends on survival, culture, tradition, lifestyle, relationships and comforts. In this article, we are going to talk about food which is worth travelling across the world to enjoy these delicacies.


This is a Hawaiian delicacy which is made out of freshly cut cubes of raw yellowfin Tuna which is generally combined with Soy sauce, sesame, salt, chilli pepper and sweet onions. This is one of the best dishes in Hawaii as it is as fresh as one can get.



Aguachido is a shrimp marinated with lemon juice and Clamato and fresh vegetables. This is one of the best dish served almost everywhere. This is made from freshly caught seafood while getting to enjoy some of the best taste of Mexico in a bowl.

Khao Soi

Khao Soi is a soft and yellow egg noodle which is soaked in a curry broth. This is later tipped with the deep-fried, crispy noodles and then eaten with the pickles on the side. This is a broth made of coconut milk and can be made with chicken, pork and beef. Beef is one of my favourite kind dressing which is made with the right kind of spices, making it one of the most delicious dishes in Thailand.

Chicken Yassa

Chicken Yassa

Yassa is one of those chicken which takes time to glow. This is a mix of lemon, onion and chile which is slow-cooked to perfection. This is a flavourful mixture of the chicken which is slow-cooked to fall off the bone, which is generally served with a portion of rice.

White Pizza

White pizza is one your regular pizza but a cheesy delight which can make any one’s heart melt. This is a cheesy pizza which has a double crust and a cheesy filling mixed with herbs and spices in the middle. It is one of the softest things in the mouth which just melts and leaves the flavour behind.

Kobe Beef

Kobe Beef

If you want to experience something luxurious, Kobe beef is the best beef. Unlike the regular beef, it is made medium rare like steak, and the fats just liquefy in your mouth. This is one dish which will make your whole trip to Japan worth-it.

Eggplant Satsivi

This is for all the vegetarians. A simple dish which is made of pureed walnuts, eggplants and spices. This is an appetiser but simple to eat. This is one dish that people will not regret as it is creamy as well as satisfying to enjoy the dish.

Picture Of Top Interior And Exterior Shop Painters In Baltimore

Top Interior And Exterior Shop Painters In Baltimore

Want to give your dessert shop a makeover, and you are between hiring a professional painter and doing the job by yourself?

Here is a piece of advice; let a professional house painter do their job unless you are a professional painter.

Yes, you can do the painting yourself, and there are several benefits to doing it yourself.

For example, you save money. You also get the joy derived from taking up a new challenge.

However, there is no guarantee you will be able to paint the shop to the latest standard, and you might not be satisfied with the result.

Therefore, if you want your shop painted in Painting Trends For Dessert Shops, it’s better to let a professional painter do the job.

The question now is, how do you find a professional painter?

Check below for suggestions.

5 Professional Painters In Baltimore

Picture Of Professional Painters In Baltimore

As a desert shop owner in Baltimore, there are several professional painters at your service. Some of the options available to you include;

1. A-1 Renovations

Services: Interior and Exterior Painting, Mural Painting, Color matching, etc.

Location: 6942 Milbrook Park Dr, Baltimore, MD 21215

2. Paint Pros Plus

Services: Ceiling & Wall painting, Color Matching, Priming, etc.

Location: Baltimore, MD 21211

3. Chesapeake Painting Services

Services: Exterior Painting, Commercial Services, Caulking, etc.

Location: 1797 Virginia Ave, Unit C Annapolis, MD 21401

4. STB Painting Company

Services: Interior & Exterior Painting, Wallpapering, etc.

Location: 707 Van Lill St, Baltimore, MD 21231

5. Hands On Painters

Services: Residential & Commercial painting, Basement Reform, etc.

Location: 4503 Leeds Ave, Baltimore, MD 21229

These professional painters and some others are your go-to house painters Baltimore. Consider any of these, and you are sure to get a top-notch service.

Why Follow The Painting Trend For Dessert Shops?

In a world full of sweets and confectionaries shops, dessert shop owners must look into ways they can remain attractive.

Many confectionary shop owners choose to highlight their goods in a clear-cut display. When this method was first introduced, it got the attention of many and soon became the order of the confectionary business.

Today, the technique is still valid. It collaborates with other marketing methods to thrive. It is from this collaboration that Painting Trends For Dessert Shops got its prominence.

The process of making desserts and confectionaries is, in itself, fascinating. Many dessert markers are, therefore, look to familiarize consumers with this exciting process.

One way they do this is to redesign dessert shop walls with an intriguing and enticing variety of dessert paintings. This technique captures the attention of consumers and serves as a marketing instrument.

A great dessert painting and a crystal-clear display of the product will get your business far in terms of physical establishment and branding.

However, this method, combined with an attention-grabbing interior (and sometimes, exterior) design, is a way to hook customers.

Having an incredible, innovative, and eye-catching interior space is very important. It is one way to secure patronage in your establishment.

Why Should You Hire Professional House Painters Baltimore?

Picture Of Hire Professional House Painters Baltimore

As a resident of Baltimore, when you eventually decide to subscribe to this marketing method, you are then faced with a hard decision. Should you hire professional house painters Baltimore, or you paint it yourself?

The truth is if you want an attention-grabbing physical environment, one that displays all the elements of design, professional painters is the way to go.

Unless you are a professional painter cum owner of a dessert, if not, here are the reasons you should let a professional painter do the work.

1. Quality

Today, it’s easy to find interior decoration trends. They are almost everywhere you look, on Instagram, Pinterest, HGTV, etc. It is also easy, and anyone can do it. Pick up a can of paint, brushes, and begin to paint.

However, there’s a lot more to interior painting, especially when you want to follow the Painting Trend for Dessert Shops. This type of design calls for the expertise of a professional painter.

2. New Interior-Painting Ideas

You can indeed get dessert shop painting ideas online.  However, you cannot be so sure the opinions are the latest. Professional painters are always up to date with trends in the world of painting and designs.

They can help you set up the best physical environment of your dessert shop. They take you beyond the realm of just “picking colors.” They help you choose designs that create an intriguing, enticing, and captivating environment.

3. Right Tools for the Job

Professional painters have the right tools for great designs. If you decide to do the design yourself, combined with many hours of study and reading on the design, you would also have to invest in tools.

A lot of tools are required to get a professional design. Are you sure you want to spend that much in an activity that is, most probably, a one-time thing? It’s best to employ the services of a professional painter.

4. Reduced Stress

One of the benefits of do-it-yourself painting is the opportunity to try something new and challenging. You also get to brag about it if the job gets done successfully, etc.

While these benefits are valid, we know there will be a lot of stress involved in the process, especially if you’ve never done anything like that before. Therefore, to save yourself from untold stress, a professional painter is the way to go.

5. Insurance

Many professional house painters Baltimore are insured. To be insured means, when you request for the service of any of these painters, and anything goes wrong, they will make things right using the insurance rights.


A dessert shop wall, painted with colorful and variety of detailed dessert designs, makes for stunning and inviting shops. It would help if you had a creative mind to stand out in this competitive market.

This quest has given birth to the Painting Trends For Dessert Shops as we have it today. Join the moving train and watch this method bring results to your business.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012  3:00 PM- 5:00 PMWestport Winery~ Aberdeen, WashingtonBar None Baking Culinary Cooking Class Tuesday, March 27, 2012 and Wednesday, March 28, 2012

6:30 PM- 9:00 PMCooking Class at the Bakery213 South University Road ‘Bars- Bar None!’ Institute for Extended LearningCommunity Colleges of Spokane Tuesday, October 26, 2010- Greater Spokane Incorporated Business to Business FairNorthern Quest Resort and Casino Pend Oreille Pavilion3:00 PM- 7:00 PM Tuesday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 10th 2010-Spokane Community College Extended Learning Cooking Classes Friday, November 12, 2010 Epicurean Delight-Spokane Convention CenterBenefiting the Inland Northwest Blood Bank 6:00PM-12:00AM Saturday, November 13, 2010-Cork and Keg- Mirabeau Park HotelBenefiting the Washington State Restaurant Association 7:00 PM- 10:00 PM Saturday, January 8th and Sunday, January 9th 2011-Spokane Bridal FairSpokane Convention Center Tuesday, February 8th and Wednesday, February 9th 2011-Spokane Community College Extended Learning Cooking Classes Sunday, March 20, 2011-Westport Winery Celebrity Chef Cooking Class 


Beautiful Wedding Cakes

All of our cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients.
Each cake is individually designed and decorated and may have different flavors of cake for each tier or be all the same flavor.
Each tier is four layers high, with your choice of fillings and frostings between the layers. 
The cake may be topped with your own decorations, or with fresh flowers.
No additional charges for flowers unless exotics are used.
We will gladly work with your florist to coordinate all flower work. 
Wedding cake prices include any flavor cake frostings and fillings
Cakes may be picked up or delivered by us.
Delivery charges are $50.00 in the Spokane area. $70.00 on Sunday or holidays
There is an additional $30.00 refundable deposit on the posts and special cake plates that hold the cake together.
Once you have decided to have us make your cake for you,
we require a $50.00 nonrefundable deposit to hold the date.
All details as to the type of cake, the number to be fed, the delivery time, etc.,
must be finalized a minimum of ten days prior to delivery,
and the cake must be paid for in full before delivery.
Our Chocolate Cake is a rich dense cake, filled with raspberry, egg custard, hazelnut, rum-raspberry, coconut custard or any of our frostings. 
Our Sour Cream White Cake has a choice of lemon, egg custard, raspberry, hazelnut, rum-raspberry, coconut custard or any of our frostings.
Our German Chocolate Cake is a milk chocolate cake, frosted between the layers with coconut walnut filling. 
Our Carrot Cake is a moist cake, filled with cream cheese buttercream between the layers.
Our Red Velvet is made traditionally and has made its way to the Inland Northwest
Our Washington Apple Cake is made with applesauce and chunks of Granny Smith apples. Filled with cream cheese buttercream between the layers. 
Our Tuxedo Cake is the best of both worlds! Alternating layers of sour cream white cake and chocolate fudge cake. Filled with egg custard, raspberry, coconut custard, hazelnut, rum-raspberry or any of our frostings. 
All of our cakes are made with the highest quality ingredients.
Each cake is individually designed and decorated and may have different flavors of cake for each tier or be all the same flavor. 
Each tier is four layers high, with your choice of fillings and frostings between the layers.
The cake may be topped with your own decorations, or with fresh flowers.
No additional charges for flowers unless exotics are used.
We will gladly work with your florist to coordinate all flower work. 
Come in for a complimentary sampling inside our Spokane Valley location.Monday – Saturday
10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Just American Desserts Home

The year was 1986 when the doors opened to Just American Desserts! Eva Roberts and her family saw a need for high quality, from scratch cakes and desserts. They have been going strong for over two decades.
“Just American Desserts” specializes in celebration cakes and desserts- which include birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, baby and bridal showers, graduations and “just because”. Only the finest, freshest ingredients are used. The products are made with dairy sour cream, real butter, whipping cream, and pure chocolate.
As recipients of the “Best of the Inland Northwest” desserts category in 2005 and 2006, the Pacific Northwest Inlander Magazine wrote, “These are desserts that epitomize the best of what dessert should be- an exquisite out-of-the-ordinary treat that will lift an average day to the level of celebration.”
Experience desserts the way they should be… the difference is delicious!!!!!!