Best Desserts For Your Coffee Drink

Best Desserts For Your Coffee Drink

Coffee drinks are best served when it is served with a deserving dessert. Either during your reading period or maybe you are just trying out a cup of coffee. Your coffee drink should be accompanied with a good dessert. It is safe to say that a dessert with an espresso gives the best taste.

What dessert goes with Coffee? This article will guide you on the best dessert you can choose when drinking your coffee.

Dessert That Goes Best With Coffee

Ending the course of a meal with an inappropriate combination can be bad. Coffee is very selective when it comes to pairing with a dessert. This might be as a result of the taste of the dessert or the constituents. The following are the best dessert to choose for your coffee break;

  • Cinnamon Crumb Cake

Serve With: Cinnamon Flavored Coffee

The combination cinnamon crumb cake and cinnamon-flavored coffee are simply great.  It can also serve as the best pair for your caffeine fix. The cinnamon crumbles amplify the task of the cake. Consequently, every bite gives a great taste alongside the taste of the coffee.

  • Double Chocolate Chunk Orange Cookies

Served With: Medium roast or light Coffee

The combination of a chocolate dessert and a mild roasted coffee gives a great taste. The cookies contain cocoa flavor which serves as an added advantage beside the great taste. Pairing the chocolate cookies with your mug of coffee makes them disappear in a small moment. This is as a result of the irresistible taste it gives.

  • Vanilla Flavored Mini Bake Doughnut

Served With: Naturally sweet Rooibos tea

If you enjoy vanilla-flavoured dessert. This mini baked doughnuts with Vanilla flavor can give you your desired taste. The baking is very easy and takes less than an hour to finish. However, this dessert best goes with a naturally sweet tea.

Likewise, Rooibos tea also contains vanilla contents. As such, it will serve as a great complement for the doughnut.

Coffee Drink and Desserts

  • Chocolate-Dipped Sesame Cookies

Served With: Dark roast Coffee

Chocolate dipped sesame cookies do not contain any sweeteners. Therefore, it is good for you when you desire less sweet cookies. The presence of chocolate in the cookie gives it an alluring cocoa flavor. This combination is simply great with an irresistible taste.

  • Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls

Served With: Vanilla Flavored or Berry Flavored Coffee

The Raspberry Cinnamon Roll is a mixture of Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Raspberry. Aside from the great taste the roll gives.  It is also capable of going along with a wide range of coffees. They can be served with Raspberry flavoured coffee and also vanilla flavored coffee.

  • Cinnamon Peanut Crust

Served With: Espresso

This is one of the finest desserts you can choose for your coffee break. It is a luxurious, salty, and a crunchy dessert that gives a great taste with an espresso. It can also be paired with a homemade dark roast coffee.